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Meet and Greet: Gillwing (The Bad News Dragon)


Oh sweet Wizeman, he got it! Donbalon was hyped once Gillwing started to piece together the problem he was having. The rumors were foolish, and everyone knows that no one messed with Cerberus.

"Got it. Also, think about what would happen if you two got it going. You guys are the powerhouses in terms of strength, so Nightmare would get a good chuck flattened during the fight." While Cerberus would probably have Gillwing in sheds by then, it was a good thing to charm the dragon given how angry he got.

Donbalon believed Gillwing when he said that he had no enemies, and that they could be trying to pass the blame to a more ‘suited’ subject that  no one would ‘miss’. But that brought a thought to his mind.

"Hey, Gillwing, do you know who has a beef with who?"

Gillwing rolled his eyes. He guessed Donbalon was too thick in the head to notice that he didn’t really care anymore, but he suppose he would humor the bouncy ball nightmaren.

He shook his head. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a very… sociable creature.”

Meet and Greet: Gillwing (The Bad News Dragon)


Well that didn’t take long. Donbalon removed the table and chair with but a wave of his hands and brought out a pile of Ideyas in their place.

"I’m not here to accuse you of anything Gillwiing. I’m here to figure out who the frying fiddlesticks is stupid enough start this whole mess." Donbalon started to fly, mostly to leave if Gillwing really got mad but also to see into Gillwing’s eyes more clearly. But mostly to run.

"I may not be a Cerberus expect, but I’ve seen first hand that if you tell that dog anything enough times he’ll start to believe it. And, come on, I’m not some Visitor! I know someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Out of all the marens to go to for help, they just happen to send their minions to the one who rooms with the Hellhound?” Donbalon face started to stain as the Nightmaren tried to show some really concern, “Gillwing, what is going on here? If anything, I was hoping you knew more about this than what I was getting.” Donbalon remained as polite was possible, but he was really concern at this point.

Gillwing’s anger diminished into a soft irritation. So, Donbalon was not here to accuse him of such things? The dragon’s demeanor changed, and he landed on the ground in front of Donbalon, curling his tail slightly around himself and closing his eyes. He sighed.

"So, what you’re implying is that another nightmaren is spreading silly little rumors about. I presume since the rumors were sent to Cerberus’s domain, that someone is trying to have me and him duke it out…" That was the only logical explanation Gillwing had, anyway. "… Probably with the intentions of one of us dying by the other’s hand… Or, paw, in Cerberus’s case."

Gillwing opened one eye to look at Donbalon with disinterest. “It is typical nightmaren behavior to be manipulative, however, I as of late bare no enemies that come to mind. This is the first time I’ve heard about such rumors.” Though, he paused. “Though, perhaps they are trying to cover up their own thievery by blaming me. In all honesty, I don’t care all that much. Let them start the rumors; only a fool would believe them.”

Meet and Greet: Gillwing (The Bad News Dragon)


Oh dear… Donbalon was not looking forward to be the one who broke the news to Gillwing. He didn’t even have any back up!

"This is going to be a long one." Donbalon sat down and brought out a table with some tea and treats on it. Taking a sip, Donbalon sighed and started from the top.

"Gillwing, there’s these rumors that you’re stealing Ideya from the newer Second Levels, and Ideya have been going missing. I did the background check and everything. Mostly it comes from the fact that the little guys see some minions flying away with the stuff and heading in your direction. I said that if they thought that, that they should go to WIzeman. However, as of late they decided to "let nature take its course" as it were given that latest victim." Donbalon took another sip before he said the punchline.

"Gillwing, the latest victim is said to be Cerberus with over 50% of their stash gone." Donbalon paused and waited for the worst.

Gillwing narrowed his eyes when Donbalon pulled out a table and tea. He didn’t appreciate that the nightmaren was getting so comfortable in his domain. 

Then Donbalon began to speak— and such utter nonsense he spoke! Sure, Gillwing was just barely getting by on his quota, but be wouldn’t make a habit of stealing ideya from other second levels— and if/when he did, they normally had a surplus that wouldn’t hinder their quotas, and even then, it was a last-minute snag to meet his quota so his master wouldn’t punish him severely. He may be stealing from his fellow second levels, but he was at least considerate about it, and only using it as a last resort!

This was insulting. It was insulting to his “honor”, to his intelligence, and just… to everything he felt he stood for.

"Donbalon…" There was a spark of anger and irritation in his voice. "Your accusations are utter rubbish; my minions are far too busy trying to make ends meet to be needlessly stealing from other second-levels. As am I; I am barely even able to make my quota as it is without these sorts of distractions.” He huffed. “And to think I would mess with Cerberus, a nightmaren that has me beat in brute strength? That would be utter stupidity." Gillwing bared his teeth, and growled. "I’m sure Master Wizeman would be displeased with me if I devour you here and now, but I am not known for self restraint. You have thirty seconds to either leave my lair, or to beg for forgiveness. The latter doesn’t automatically grant you life either." Gillwing didn’t care if Donbalon decided to go and tell anyone about his utterly stupid accusations, if anyone believed them, they were just as stupid.

The clock was ticking. Gillwing was not a patient maren.

Meet and Greet: Gillwing (The Bad News Dragon)


Donbalon paused as he remembered that Gillwing went all out during Christmas in order to get as many Visitors as possible.

"Ah! Yes, yes! Christmas time! You get the tree and everything, don’t you? It would be nice to see this place with the set-up, but I know my place." He did; messing with Gillwing while he was hunting was a bad idea.

Gillwing’s point about Cerberus made Donbalon twitch a little. He didn’t like being reminded about the guy, and he didn’t like how word about Cerberus reached Gillwing.He thought the brute wouldn’t care enough about everyone else to get caught up in the office talk.

"Yes, well, it leads into the second point. And do I hope it’s a rumor." Donbalon pulled out a chair from the floor. This was not going to be pretty.

"Gillwing? Have you had Ideya come falling out of the sky?"

Gillwing would be raising a brow, if he had one. “Ideya falling from the sky?” That was certainly an odd phrase, and he wasn’t sure how literally he should be taking the other’s words. Was it some sort of metaphor? He couldn’t tell, and he felt a little stupid for not knowing.

"… I can’t say that I have. Why the odd choice of words, Donbalon?"

Meet and Greet: Gillwing (The Bad News Dragon)


Note to self; Gillwing looks like a pussy cat after living with Cerberus. Too bad he couldn’t get to be as weak as one.

Donbalon was unfazed by Gillwing’s normally chilling growl, but he couldn’t show that (not that he could). Living with Cerberus made him bolder and faster, but a fight with the dragon was about strength. Not to mention this was Gillwing’s domain, so he had full control over it.

"Not to offend, but is there a time when you do have welcome guests? Please tell me ahead of time; there’s some tapes that need filling.” Donbalon laughed a little to show that it was fun and games to him, but it really was something he wanted to see.

"Ah~ Business, business, business! It seems it’s the only thing we talk about my dear old boy." Donbalon turned and raised his hands in playful frustration as he talked, "But if we must rush the act, I’m here for two reasons. The first reason was I was checking up on everyone and the second is based on what I’ve been hearing."

Donbalon was right in keeping that thought to himself; if he had even breathed a word of it he would be popped in-between Gillwing’s sharp teeth.

Gillwing huffed at the sassy remark. “Christmas parties and the occasional dinner date.” And by dinner he meant he was going to have his guest for dinner, but that was besides the point.

Gillwing’s eyes narrowed. “Hmm? Concerned over me, Donbalon? You best be more concerned for yourself, I hear. Cerberus is no visitor’s pet.” Gillwing had to admit; the fact that Donbalon was still alive astounded him.

The second made Gillwing glare. “A rumor, I presume?”

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Anonymous asked:
Are you an air head?

"Better than having no head."

Gillwing then continues to bite off your head.

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"Trying? Are ya havin’ trouble wit work Snap?" Chamelan said with clear worry.

She mentally slapped herself. Why was she still worried over the bastard who smashed Baby? Who made her cry night after night? Who still, after all this time, had no problem insulting her?

Chamelan gave him a dirty look. “Look, it ain’t none of my business how ya doing work-wise. I’m worried about my minions and who’s huntin’ them.

"I can’t ask the Generals either. They’s busy wit’ their own problems." Plus they were associated with Wizeman. Maybe NiGHTS was safe as he was more forgiving and was friendly to her minions, but she still didn’t want him snooping about her lair.

Gillwing noticed the show of concern, and that was all he needed. Nevermind her attempt to dismiss it; she already had a trembling facade and he saw right through its cracks. “Hmm? Then why did you ask, Chamelan?” He pretended to be confused. “I can understand your concern for your minions, but that doesn’t explain why you would ask me a question, then before I can even answer you dismiss it.” 

He knew why. He knew exactly what was going on in her head. But he was playing her.

"In case you were wondering, the answer is yes. Visitors aren’t as easy as they were back when I was still young in my years. They fear more their failures in life than they do the demons under their bed.” He grumbled and slouched. “I’m barely scraping by. Had to even ask other second levels for their extras last quarter.” By asking he meant forcing them to hand it over, but that was irrelevant. 

Gillwing merely shook his head. “Well, there’s nothing I can do to help you, Chamelan. I’m far too busy to play detective with you.” As he spoke, he flew up and curled himself around the pillar that was int he center of his domain. 

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Meet and Greet: Gillwing (The Bad News Dragon)


Guess I would have to end up here sooner or later.

The domain was unpleasant and gave off an equally unpleasant smell. Nothing about it sat with Donbalon and the sibling who lived here was just as unpleasant. 

Unpleasantness all around I guess. But let’s see how this goes; I could use the twisted fun.

"Gillwing? Oh Gillwing? Where are you?" Donbalon looked and waiting for an answer.

The dragon growled, his eyes glowed yellow in the darkness and stared at Donbalon with vicious intent. No nightmaren was ever welcome in his territory, and this pesky little weakling of a second level should know that. However, he stopped growling, and his giant mouth curved into a smirk. He knew that Donbalon wouldn’t be a problem to defeat, and he didn’t look like he wanted a fight anyway. 

Gillwing flew out of his hiding place, and greeted Donbalon with a toothy grin. “My oh my, an unwelcomed guest… Now tell me, what business do you have with me, Donny? It better be interesting…” He was trheatning but playful all the while.